Journeys: Africa | Sapelo | New York | Israel | Chile | Italy | Peru

Goree Island (Afrikan Pilgrimage)
Orthodox Jew (Sacred Pages)
Streets of Dakar, Senegal (Afrikan Pilgrimage)
Yemenite woman (Sacred Pages)
Walking up 125th Street
Jerusalem, A Walk through Prophet Street
Sapelo, Basket Woman
Chile, Rocks Dance in the Light
A Day for the Pigeons, St. Mark’s Square, 2011
Praying Homeless Woman outside the Vatican Museums, Rome, 2012
Untitled (Peruvian Woman), 2006
Untitled, 2006

When she traveled to new places, Aminah immersed herself in the life of the people she found there. These journeys include a six-week trip to Africa in 1979; several trips to Sapelo Island, Georgia, where her ancestors had been enslaved; a six-month residency at P.S. 1 in New York City in 1989, and Ohio Arts Council residencies in Israel in 1998 and Chile in 2004. In 2005, Aminah travelled to Italy where she visited Rome, Florence, Padua, Vinci, Venice, and Lucca. The next year she journeyed to Peru, her last international trip.