Neighborhoods and Pages in History

Mt. Vernon's Memory Map
Life in Sellsville
Poindexter Village Quilt
Poindexter Village - First Families
One Day in 1307 A.D.; King Abubakari II
John T. Ward Transporting Fugitive Slaves in Columbus, Ohio, 1800s
Unwritten Love Letter: Sojouner Truth
Life Along Water Street

Aminah was devoted to documenting neighborhoods that still exist and also those that have disappeared. While she based this work on particular, historic details related to each of these actual places, the theme that emerges is global: the importance of family and community wherever and whenever they occur in the world. In 1981, Aminah began Pages in History, an extensive collection of sculptures, works on paper, and cloth paintings that record figures and events, both celebrated and obscure, from African American history.